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Have questions? We've got answers!

What costs are associated with the valet service?

Valet services are $25 per car. Tips are always welcome but not necessary!

Do I have to purchase ahead of time?
No! Patrons can choose to wait until the time of the event. We do however recommend purchasing ahead of time to make check-in easier!

Who will be operating the vehicles?
Vehicles will only be operated by off-duty commissioned police officer volunteers.

How do I get my car if I plan on walking to the bars?
We ask that all patrons pick up their vehicle or keys no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the event. Drivers may also pick up their keys at any time during the event.

What if I had a little too much fun?
Though we are off-duty and volunteering, we will not allow someone whom we believe to be intoxicated to drive. We will ask if there is a sober driver in the group. If not, we are willing to offer the patron a free ride home! We want everyone to have a good time, us included!

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